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Crum Lynne Brake Repair and Services - Cornerstone Automotive

When on the road, you rely on your vehicle’s brakes to slow or stop when you press on the brake pedal. You may have all the time in the world to slow down, or you may find yourself having to stop quickly to avoid an accident. Regardless, you expect your brakes to perform at any given moment. When a brake issue occurs, you may find that your brake performance decreases, and they aren’t as efficient as they used to be. Here at Cornerstone Automotive in Crum Lynne, PA, our professionals are here to assist when you find a problem with your vehicle’s brakes.

The brake system consists of many different working parts including the brake pads, rotors calipers, brake fluid, and more. Due to the fact we are constantly using our brakes while driving, they tend to undergo a lot of heat and friction which wears down certain parts over time. Such parts that typically need to be replaced are the brake pads, and oftentimes the rotors need to be resurfaced as well. Brake fluid can also become contaminated over time, which may need to be bled out or flushed to regain proper brake performance.

Symptoms that can indicate brake problems include the following:

  • Brake warning light is on
  • Squeaking or grinding noises
  • Car pulls to one side when braking
  • Spongy or soft brake pedal
  • The pedal needs to be pumped
  • Vibrating or wobbling when braking

As soon as you notice any of the warning signs listed above, we encourage you to bring your vehicle into our shop for an inspection. Driving with bad brakes can put your safety at risk, and you can trust that our professionals will perform a proper inspection to get to the bottom of the issue. Many brake problems can progress over time, so the sooner we fix the issue, the better!

If you need brake repair in Crum Lynne, PA, give us a call here at Cornerstone Automotive or schedule a visit to our shop using our online appointment form. We look forward to assisting you!