Why Is My Car Sputtering?

As Americans, we heavily rely on our cars every day. No matter what car you drive, convertible, truck, SUV, or convertible, it is bound to require repair at one point or another. However, one of the most frustrating things that any driver faces is a sputtering vehicle. Imagine going to step on the gas pedal, and your automobile ignores you. You go to check on your fuel level, and it is nowhere near being empty. You might wonder what else could make your engine sputter.


Common Causes of Car Sputter

First and foremost, a sputtering problem could very likely be a fuel problem. If your vehicle is almost empty on gas, then it's probably going to sputter. This is a rare situation because most people fill up before it gets to that point. Unfortunately, the other cases of sputtering vehicles tend to be more severe.


Fuel System

If you have a faulty fuel pump, filter, or injector, then you could experience sputtering. When your vehicle doesn't get precise air and fuel, your engine won't combust appropriately to power your car. If this problem persists, you could even end up with complete engine failure.


Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a common problem of engine sputtering, and fortunately, it's a quick fix, too. If your spark plugs are old, you simply need to replace them.


Mass Airflow Sensor 

The mass airflow sensor serves to track the weight and temperature of the air flowing to the engine. When the sensor gets dirty, it can cause a weak motor and lower your gas mileage. Additionally, the filthy sensor may also cause your engine to sputter.


Catalytic Converter 

Your catalytic converter is responsible for limiting the emissions put out by your vehicle. If it's not working correctly for any reason, your engine will likely undergo some sputtering.


If you've encountered sputtering problems with your car recently, then we highly recommend you get the issue diagnosed immediately. At Cornerstone Auto, our certified team of mechanics has years of experience repairing the problems mentioned above. Give us a call or visit today!