Why Are Catalytic Converters a Common Target for Theft?

Most vehicle owners in the US have to watch out, for one thing, this summer, and that is catalytic converter theft. With the recent rise in this crime, you should be extra attentive to where you park, your surroundings, and any unusual signs that your vehicle may give off. 


Given the information we will share with you today, you’ll be more confident and prepared to prevent these unlucky scenarios. A stolen catalytic converter can cost you over a thousand dollars to replace, so read on to learn more.


First of all, you should understand what the catalytic converter is and how it works. This vital component is a part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. It can be found under your car, connected to exhaust pipes. The catalytic converter is an emission control device that limits emissions by turning harmful engine byproducts into safer ones. 


This component is made of precious metals, like palladium, platinum, and rhodium. These metals are expensive, and their prices have gone up even higher as a result of shortages from the pandemic and inflation. Moreover, the catalytic converter is a piece of cake to obtain for thieves. There’s no alarm that sets off. And it takes little to no skill to break it off with a heavy-duty knife. Thieves can get their hands on them in a matter of minutes.


So, how bad is this theft problem? According to the National Crime Bureau, there were over 50,000 catalytic converter cases in 2021. That is 10 times more than what was reported in 2018. If you don’t want to become a victim, the best, full-proof method you can take to protect your car and your wallet is to install an anti-theft device. 


At Cornerstone Automotive, we provide custom fabricated catalytic converter guard installations. These will block thieves from accessing your catalytic converter. Plus, some people also carve their vehicle’s VIN number onto their converter. This can help you trace the cat if it gets stolen.


If you want extra protection against catalytic converter theft, please do not hesitate to give our experts a call or visit today.